Profession and Values - February Insights

I analyze and develop programs that protects the health of individuals, families and communities within my jurisdiction. My goal is to ensure that healthcare is accessible no matter the race, age, sex or financial status.

It is important for parents and care givers to stop “SELF-MEDICATING” their kids. After speaking with several parents, I realized they avoid going to clinics due to long wait time and protocols; hence, they walk into any pharmacy and purchase medication based on a “friend’s” advise or “experience”. This can be very harmful to a child’s health.

The niche we carved here at PURELIFE to fill this gap is, we set up a laboratory in the pharmacy. After discussing your child’s symptom with the pharmacist, we advise the child takes a quick test to further confirm the health givers speculations. The test result comes out in no time, and we can be sure your child is taking the right medication.

Parents can also stop by for free medical checks and consultations; our bodies are like machines, and they should be serviced from time to time.


I see childcare as the responsibility of not only the mother (as the society paints it) and the father of the child, but of the child’s community.

Children are perfect gifts from God and every child has his/her unique individuality. Effective childcare depends on your child’s personality. Strategies that work well for one child may not be effective for another child of the same age and sex.

Raising a happy, healthy child is one of the most challenging jobs for a parent or ward, yet the most rewarding. It is important as parents to approach childcare as seriously as writing an examination or carrying out duties for a job promotion.

Dear parents, pls

  • Don’t feel disappointed or discouraged when your child isn’t behaving how you have planned (you are doing a great job)
  • Don’t compare your kids with others
  • Let your child always know they matter, seek their opinion on issues no matter how irrelevant it may seem (this boosts a child’s confidence)
  • Always remind them how much you love them (it won’t be new to them if anyone else flatters them)
  • Be consistent and set rules
  • Lastly, and most importantly, take time to rest. You need a relaxed mind to take adequate care of your child.
Mrs. Mobolaji Ajayi
MD/CEO of PURELIFE pharmacy.