Profession and Values - May Insights

My name is Tobechukwu Ibukun, I am Erioluwa’s mum. I am a Chemical Engineer by training but presently a seamstress by profession. Navigating from Chemical Engineering to this new terrain in Fashion though challenging was not an arduous task because I had to deploy some of the skills I have acquired as a chemical engineer to this new field. These include analytical, problem solving, communication and process design skills, which I already possessed as a chemical engineer.


My core values are honesty, integrity, obedience to the laws, rules and regulations governing the society. Integrity speaks about the consistency of our behaviour and character irrespective of the situation or circumstance we find ourselves, whether what we are doing can be seen or not. These values help shape the way I view the world and engage with my community. These are values I picked up growing up with my parents who were disciplinarians and raised us with strict Christian values. I have also strove to inculcate the same values in my own children. Honesty entails telling the truth at all times and leaving the consequences to God. 

In my home, we do not have any live-in nannies, maids or house helps to help take care of the children, clean the house or do other chores in the house. This is challenging for any family with career parents that have pre-teen children going to school. Challenges apart, this has provided an opportunity to teach my children the value of being disciplined and instilled a sense of responsibility in them to do their assigned house chores knowing that there is no available caregiver to do them. I also teach them to look out for each other and picking interest in the welfare of their siblings and others.